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Taxi Amsterdam
Taxi Airport Schiphol

Would you like to take a taxi to Schiphol or elswhere in Amsterdam? If so, taxiairportschiphol.com can provide you with the service you need. We offer taxi rides from and to Schiphol, from anywhere in The Netherlands. Our drivers are friendly, timely, up for a chat – or quiet – if you prefer, and happy to do everything in their capacity to make sure you reach your destination on time. In a nutshell, we will make sure that your ride from A to Schiphol is a pleasant one!

Our Schiphol taxi offers space for 1 up to 8 people, including a normal amount of baggage. If you have an exceptionally high number of bags or suitcases, just inform us when you request the taxi, so that it could be taken into account beforehand. Regarding any other exceptional circumstances, please feel free to contact us, so that we can discuss the possibilities. Apart from our excellent service, we also offer great prices. You will be informed in advance what the price of the ride will be. That way, you will not suddenly encounter any (unexpected) high costs.


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Our Taxi Airport Schiphol driver picks you up at the given location and time.


Good service and personal contact is what we provide.

All of our taxi drivers that drive to Schiphol airport, have a taxi license and have a great deal of experience as a driver. Apart from speaking Dutch, all of them speak English as well. The taxis we use are comfortable and equipped with air-conditioning. On cold winter days, you will not have to worry about getting cold – and on a hot summer day, it will never be too hot in the car. Taxiairportschiphol.com is not only available for those who are going away for a holiday; business contacts or VIPs can be driven to Schiphol by us as well.

Will you be going to Schiphol soon? Are you tired of having to carry your suitcases with you on the train, bus or tram? Feel free to call us and schedule your taxi ride, and our Schiphol taxi will be there to pick you up at the time of your choice.

Please use our contact page to ask any questions you may have, or give us feedback. We are here to help!

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