Can i add more than one stop?

Yes, in a radius of 5KM with extra €5.- per stop.

I booked a taxi from airport, where do i meet the driver?

At the meetingpoint (big red/white cube) of Airport Schiphol. *Note it’s really important that your mobile phone is on when you land.
If it takes to long at the meetingpoint  the driver will call.

What should i do when i can not find the driver?

Turn your wifi on and go to: taxiairportschiphol.com from there you can contact us directly through whatsapp call for free. Click here to open WhatsApp.

I have a baby/small child. Do you have a babyseat?

Yes we can arrange that with €3 per seat.

I want to book a tour. Do you have waiting time quote?

Yes €30 P/h

We are a company can we order taxi's with invoice?

Yes that is possible after an agreement.

How can i recognize the taxi i booked?

The driver will text/call you with his/her car details (licence plate number, color and the type of car)

How do i book a tour?

You can book every ride separately, and the hour rate will be calculated only for the time when the driver is actualy waiting (€30 P/H)